Embed crypto features into your product

Use Stokn's APIs or web interface to invest and embed white-labeled crypto features like custody, exchange, and Indexes into your workflows and UX.

Transform your business by adding a Crypto layer

Trading as a Service

Your clients will be able to buy and sell a very large number of cryptos assets.

Wallet as a Service

Provide your clients with individual crypto wallets.

Staking as a Service

Your clients will be able to delegate the mining rights attached to their tokens.

Dollar Cost Average

With this feature, your clients will be able to program their investments.

Thematic Indices

With our API, you can easily create crypto baskets for your clients. 

Portfolio ESG Scoring

Stokn provides you with tools to calculate your carbon footprint.

Tailor made integration

Our developers team will be able to assit you in order to embed our API directly into your product, so you do not have to hire a dedicated developer.

Use all these features to invest

You can also use all these features to invest your assets and those of your company through our web interface, as you would do on any exchange. 
The difference is that with Stokn it is simple, secure and you are not alone.