Embed crypto features into your product.

Use Stokn's APIs and mobile App to embed white-labeled crypto features like custody, exchange, and Indexes into your workflows and UX.

Why is Stokn for you?

Transform your business by adding a Crypto layer.
You and your clients can now access the crypto market in minutes instead of months, for a fraction of its cost. 

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Easy to create wallet

As a PSAN ("Prestataire de Services sur Actifs Numériques"), we are regulated to safeguard the assets of our customers and your customers.

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Send, receive & exchange any time

We are the only PSAN to offer a multi-exchange trading solution without your assets leaving your digital vault.

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Build your crypto portfolio using our indices

Use crypto indices created by the best crypto asset managers and adapted to your profile or that of your clients.

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Earn passively

Stake your POS tokens in one click and immediately earn passive revenues on your cryptos. 

Transform your business by adding a Crypto layer.

Stokn owns all the heavy lifting so you can focus on your product.

How Does Cryptography App Work - Cryptography X Webflow Template

1. Scalable core Crypto system

Stokn's core infrastructure was built to adapt to a fast-moving environment. We are using Fireblocks to process transactions and update financial records.

2. Built-in regulation

Stokn is a registered financial institution. No need to hire a compliance team, set up a risk management process, or be audited. We handle all the risky factors that would otherwise keep you up at night: Strong Customer Authentication, Identity Verification, fraud detection.

3. Onboarding & support ready-to-go

We built the entire account onboarding and identity verification process for you. After that, our team makes sure all transfers and payments run smoothly and compliant on a daily basis. If your customers have any crypto related questions, we are here to offer support.