Invest in crypto with a community of experts

Invest your own assets or on behalf of your clients through our very simple web interface. 


Invest in crypto using our web interface

Our goal is to make investment in crypto as simple as possible. 
You can buy and sell crypto from a single place. No complex interface with hundred features. 
Our platform is registered with the French market regulator (number E2023-083). 


Benefit from our weekly market analysis

Once you invest with Stokn, you gain access to our coachings for free. 
We have been teaching Crypto Investments to more than 2000 students for the past 8 years. 
We also tell you everything you need to know about airdrop and high potential tokens. 

Private Group

You will never invest alone again! 

Investing through Stokn, you are also entering our private investor community of more than 900 members on Discord. 
There is always someone to answer your question.