How can we help?

Embed any crypto services into your product

For instance, a Fintech company wants to propose crypto investments to its client by embeding crypto wallets and trading into its application. It can very simply use our API to choose "à la carte" the crypto services it wants to add to its interface.

You do not have product yet? Use our Web Interface!

A Wealth Management Advisor wants to allow his clients to invest in cryptos. He can instantly add his logo to our dashboard and allow his clients to store and buy cryptos, to stake them, or to invest in thematic indices in his own name.

On/Off Ramp

You can use our API to add crypto payment into your product.Whether you would like to add crypto as a payment method directly on your check-out page or complete On/Off ramp crypto for your clients, we are here to help you. Our developer team, will be able to take care of the integration if you need.

More details on the features we are proposing

Wallet as a Service

With the "Wallet as a service" feature, you can provide your clients with individual crypto wallets on any blockchain and for almost any coins/tokens, so that they can receive and send crypto.
Step 1 -  You (a company) open an account with Stokn. Once the KYB is completed, a vault is opened in your name. You can open as many accounts as you want for your clients.
Step 2 - Once your clients (retail) went trough our KYC/AML processes, they can have their own portfolio from which they can use all our other crypto services.

Trading as a Service

With this feature, your clients will be able to buy and sell a very large number of cryptos assets.We are connected to several of the main exchanges (Coinbase, Kraken, Binance...) and are able to offer best execution. In other words, we ensure that you and your clients benefit from the best price and liquidity available on the market.It also means that we can provide access to almost any crypto available on these platforms (except those that are explicitly prohibited by the "Authorité des Marchés Financiers"). We are also proposing "Off Exchange Trading" .You can trade on centralized exchanges from an on-chain MPC shared wallet, protecting your principal from hacks, bankruptcy, and fraud.

Staking as a Service

"Proof of Stake" is a consensus mechanism that is now wildly adopted by decentralized projects.For this reason, most tokens can now be staked and generate additional revenus.With our "Staking as a Service" feature, your clients will be able to delegate the mining rights attached to their tokens and receive passive rewards effortlessly.

Dollar Cost Average

As you may already know, Dollar Cost Average (DCA) is the possibilité pour the User to program their investments.For instance, they will be able to program the purchase of a certain amount of the token of their choice on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly).This type of investment is generally recommended for volatile financial instruments in order to smooth the buying price over a certain period.

Thematic Indices

With our API, you can easily create crypto baskets for your clients. 

These baskets can include any type of crypto (except the crypto that are specifically forbidden by the AMF), so you can create thematic baskets (Defi, NFT, L1, L2..). 
All you have to do is to provide us with the list of crypto you want to include and their respective weights.   

Portfolio ESG Scoring

Stokn provides you with tools to calculate your carbon footprint.Using Stokn you can assess the carbon emission of your business and your customers on a daily basis.A comprehensive ESG assessment of your token to identify vulnerabilities and recommend ways to improve your sustainability performance.


Who we are and why we're doing this

Our Mission

We are a team of web3 passionates and are willing to help anyone who wants get involved.   

Our goal is to facilitate the adoption of crypto services and make it as simple and easy as possible. 

Our Role

As a PSAN ("Prestataire de Services sur Actifs Numériques"), we have to maintain high security and professionalism standards. 

We are regulated to safeguard the assets of our customers and provide best execution price on crypto conversion.